Chicago Entertainment


Many have called Chicago as being the City of the Big Shoulders, and the city has carried that moniker proudly right now. Having superior social destinations and museums with booming financial and economic ventures, the city buzzes with vitality. The below various adventures and discover record the array of the city's attractions. You can find more great outings on the Chicago Tribune's Entertainment web page.

Art Institute of Chicago
Widely regarded pieces lure in the Art Institute of Chicago. Devote a full day to checking out this spectacular building that is home to art pieces which extend over about four thousand years of history. The fairly recently introduced Modern Wing, that opened in 2008, that displays modern-day art and present day European artwork in a breathtaking arrangement.

John Shedd Aquarium
Surpassing 1,800,000 attendees each year, the Shedd Aquarium is Chicago's most frequented cultural attraction. Inquiring visitors can wander through more than seventy-five presentations, getting familiar with over 1,500 species of aquatic life. The lately redesigned Oceanarium brings Pacific white-sided dolphins and sea lions in close proximity.

Adler Planetarium
This planetarium, which appears to be set to propel itself into Lake Michigan from its position, delivers the universe to tourists. Wander about in an exhibition in which courageous visitors will sit in a full size model of a Mars rover.

The Field Museum
Chicago's Field Museum is your passport to journey the entire world and back through time as at this museum you'll find approximately 4.5 billion years in one building. Pass through over a billion years of Earth's life within the museum's new Evolving Planet display. Also you can check out Sue, the world's biggest and best-conserved Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.

Chicago's Skydeck
The tallest building in the North America is in Chicago. Found atop the Sears Tower, the Skydeck appeals to nearly 1,200,000 tourists annually to its 104th floor observation deck which soars 1,364 feet over the street.

Found in the middle of downtown Chicago, 360 CHICAGO is a fantastic means to view the skyline of the city. Some of the fastest elevators in North America soar to the 94th floor - close to 980 feet up - in only 42 seconds. The true pleasure is finding city sites including Wrigley Field.

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
The main museum of science in the Western Hemisphere, the museum is the first museum in the United States to provide tourists with the possibility to contact displays. Carrying on that tradition to this day with displays that inspire visitors to do a lot more than only spectate - you can cause a massive heart to beat in time to your own heart or you can open a Chicago River drawbridge for a model train.