Chicago Couples Play Together, Stay Together


For many couples, passion and romance is key to the success of any relationship. As someone who frequented escort services and avoided serious relationships for the longest time, it took me quite a while to come to this conclusion.

If you begin feeling that over time, the general passion within your relationship is dwindling, then it may be worth thinking about whether the passion has been too dwindling in the bedroom. Often, it is the case that in the early days of a relationship, a couples sex life is at its peak, however this can sometimes reduce over time, with no fault from either person.

The best way to maintain this is to continuously add spice into the bedroom, trying different techniques to keep things exciting. In the past it was thought that sex shops were tacky and made many people feel uncomfortable. However this is now no longer the case, with more of a focus on love and romance, the industry is slowly losing its negative reputation. The empowerment of women means that many women are comfortable experimenting now and the industry has been become more accessible to all people.

For couples, being adventurous in the bedroom is an excellent way to ensure that all passion and romance is long lived - when as a couple you connect emotionally in the bedroom, you are likely to feel comfortable and emotionally connected through all aspects of your relationships. Letting go of your inhibitions and learning to trust your partner completely is an excellent exercise to transfer through to the whole relationship.

Furthermore, it means that you are setting time aside to be a couple and enjoy each other's companies away from the stresses of everyday life. Don't forget, that in a loving relationship - those couples that play together, stay together!

A romantic picnic is always a great suggestion for dates. In the months of summer and spring, you can count on the beach or the park for a nice and pleasant setting. It's really just a simple set-up: you, your special someone, and a picnic basket. Adding some enhancements like flowers and wine is sure to make the mood more romantic.

So in having that picnic that is sure to satisfy your appetites, keep in mind to consider factors like what your partner wants, what food he or she may be allergic to, and more. A variety of thinly sliced meats, cheeses, sausages, and some fruit for dessert is a menu you can follow.

A fresh baguette compliments the setting. Bring some dip like mustard or sour cream to go with the bread. You may want to have some culture-specific or local dishes and delicacies in your picnic. If your partner has a different nationality, this will be a good opportunity to get to know her more through the food you will be serving. Going back to the setting, it's also romantic if you manage to find a spot that overlooks the water. The Chicago Traveler has additional good ideas on attractions in the area.

In addition, take into account the amounts of food you plan to eat. If the picnic is around snack time, then you'd probably bring small containers only. Lay out the picnic blanket or cloth and assemble the ingredients and food items you brought. Say to your partner why you brought them and tell something about the food and cuisines that you like.

Feel free to mix and match, and just enjoy the time you will be spending with him or her. Some things not to forget include your plates, utensils, a bread knife, wine opener, cups or glasses, and flowers. Some background music would be lovely, so you might as well bring your portable sound system.